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The Fight against Yaws in Brazil: Scope and Limitations of an Eradication Program

Amid the sanitary optimism and the biomedical discoveries of the post-World War II era, public health policies in Brazil in the 1950s were strongly marked by actions to control and eradicate diseases of the countryside. In 1956, President Juscelino Kubitschek (JK), to defend the importance of combating so-called rural endemic diseases — which he called [...]


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History of Science in Latin America and the Caribbean database
April 15, 2011

Explore a new History of Science in Latin America and the Caribbean database of primary sources with introductory essays, including indigenous medicine, science and slavery, botany and agriculture

Miradas enfermas: sobre tracoma e inmigración en Argentina (principios del siglo XX)
February 8, 2011

Son las cinco de la mañana, y ya en el puerto de Buenos Aires aparecen los primeros barcos en el horizonte. En la explanada del Vapor Indiana, se aprestan a descender los cientos de esperanzados y exhaustos genoveses, marselleses, napolitanos, andaluces y tantos más que llegan por primera vez a América …

Infant nutrition and growth webinar in UCL-WHO Global Health Histories Series
December 1, 2010

Grow, infant, and be nourished! The University College London-World Health Organization Global Health Histories seminars continue with a talk on Wednesday February 2 by Professor Lawrence Weaver of Royal Sick Kids in Glasgow who will argue that the WHO infant growth standard should not alone be regarded as an ideal growth trajectory for all babies. [...]

The Hippo – University of Michigan Medical Student Magazine
November 2, 2010

Take a trip into the creative world of the modern med student: The Hippo, a wonderful online magazine of medical humanities art, essay, humour and vignette produced by students in the University of Michigan medical school

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